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Fermilab beam line with Fl. Tech GEM detectors under test (2013). Photo credit: VB

Our group's research is currently centered on the CMS experiment and the RD51 micropattern gas detector collaboration at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) and on Tracking R&D for a future Electron-Ion Collider in the US. In CMS we are doing Higgs physics in the tau tau channel and are helping with preparing the muon upgrade of the detector for the high-luminosity LHC. In our labs on the Florida Tech campus we do particle detector R&D on Gas Electron Multipliers (GEM) including for a Muon Tomography project. We operate a state-of-the-art Linux cluster with 180 CPU cores and 100TB of mass storage as a Tier-3 Grid cluster on the Open Science Grid from our local CMS T3 Center. Our group participates in the national Quarknet education and outreach program by offering technical expertise to local physics high school teachers and students for a Cosmic Ray Muon Project.

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Aiwu, Jessie, and Vallary after installing large GEMs in Fermilab beam

Sarah checking a GEM foil in our cleanroom.

"X" marks the spot! Dr. H. checks the CMS laser alignment system.


CMS experiment:  Installation of Alignment Sensors for the Muon Endcap Chambers.

Photo credit: MH.  More CMS photos from CERN.


Our research 

Florida Tech Muon Tomography Station with GEM detectors

Photo credit: M. Staib

Our papers & presentations


Quarknet teachers at work:


HEP group (November, 2009):


Group from left to right: Back: Alfred Menendez, Marcus Hohlmann, Amilkar Quintero,

Mike Abercrombie, Patrick Ford, Judson (Ben) Locke, Kondo Gnanvo.

Front: Andrea Citati, Samir Guragain, Johanna-Laina Fischer, Xenia Fave,

Himali Kalakhety.


HEP group (April, 2004):




Post-doctoral Research Associates (current and former)

  • Dr. Stefano Colafranceschi (2015-...), CMS GEM upgrade

  • Dr. Aiwu Zhang (2013-16), GEM R&D for EIC

  • Dr. Kondo Gnanvo (2007-11), GEM muon tomography

Graduate Students (all Physics & Space Sciences)

  • Ph.D. students:
    • Vallary Bhopatkar, CMS Higgs -> tau tau Run 2; GEM R&D
    • Mehdi Rahmani, CMS GEM upgrade
  • M.S. student:
    • Eric Hansen, Muon Tomography

Undergraduates (P/SS and CS) 

  • Christopher Bracci, GEM hardware, magnet testing, webmaster
  • Kenneth Hausrath, Website editor
  • Jerry Collins, PCBdesign, GEM hardware
  • Ryan Wojtyla, Cluster & Grid Computing
  • Matthew Bomberger, EIC GEM design and construction
  • Jacquelyne Miksanek, GEM hardware
  • Sarah Arends, GEM hardware
  • Riley Carlson, Cluster and Grid Computing
  • Eric Pereira, PC support
  • Hannah Blackburn, Cluster and Grid Computing
  • Francisco Izquierdo Jimenez, EIC GEM construction & sim.
  • Miguel Gutierrez, Quarknet & MTS
  • Thomas Walker, Quarknet & MTS

HEP A Group News


              Left to Right: Matt, Sarah

  • CERN covers our muon tomography work with GEMs as an example of CMS technology transfer (Apr '17).
  • Florida Tech TODAY features our GEM work in the high-bay in the Winter '17 issue.
  • Our CMS effort receives a $585,000 funding continuation from DOE's Office of Science (HEP) for 2015-19. Dr. Hohlmann continues as P.I. of the $1.2M DOE HEP core grant at FIT (May '15).
  • Our recent graduates participate in prestigious summer research programs including in programs abroad: Jessie @ JLab (via DOE SULI), Liz @ Frascati (via DOE-INFN scholarship), Mike @ BNL (via DOE SULI) (summer 2014).
  • Shreeya Khanal, Mike Phipps, Liz Starling, Jessie Twigger, and Kimberly Walton win our second Northrop-Grumman Science Championship at the 2014 annual Florida Tech Science & Engineering showcase with their presentations on GEMs with zigzag strips. In addition, Mike Phipps wins the "Best of Show" award in Physics for his particular contribution. (For details see also our Conferences page).
  • Florida Tech researchers cheer Nobel physics award; article in FloridaToday on the occasion of the Nobel prize award to Peter Higgs and Francois Englert for the Higgs mechanism (Oct '13).
  • Aiwu Zhang and Vallary Bhopatkar assemble and operate the first ever 1m-class GEM detector produced outside of CERN.
  • Our undergraduates participate in prestigious summer research programs including in programs abroad: Ankit @ U. Muenster (via DAAD scholarship), Jessie @ Frascati (via DOE-INFN scholarship), Mike @ Columbia, Nevis Labs (Summer '13).
  • BNL increases our EIC R&D funding to $150,000 total (Mar '13).
  • Dr. Aiwu Zhang joins us from IHEP Beijing as our new post-doctoral research associate on the EIC project (June '13).
  • Christian Zelenka wins "Best of Show" in Physics for his poster on muon tomography at the annual FIT-Northrop Grumman Science & Engineering showcase (April '13).
  • Dr. H. receives 'Most Valuable Panther MVP' award (Dec '12).
  • Lenny Grasso and Mike Staib graduate with M.S. degrees in Physics (May '12). Congratulations!
  • Ben Locke, Mike Staib, and Dr. Hohlmann attend the Posters on the Hill event on Capitol Hill in Washinton D.C. (April '12).
  • Liz Starling wins "Best of Show" in Physics for her poster on our infrared GEM foil stretching technique at the annual FIT-Northrop Grumman Science & Engineering showcase (April '12) .
  • The Economist features an article on our muon tomography project in its April 7th, 2012 print edition. Online version of the article with some interesting commentary (April '12). 
  • Our group sweeps the P/SS session at the 2012 annual meeting of the Florida Academy of Science. Nathan, Kim, and Himali win FAS awards for their presentations (March '12).
  • Our CMS effort receives a $360,000 funding continuation from DOE's Office of Science (HEP) for 2012-14. Dr. Hohlmann becomes P.I. of the DOE HEP core grant at FIT (March '12).
  • Physics majors Xenia Fave and Ben Locke both receive the Faculty Honor Award for graduating with a perfect 4.0 at the same Fall '11 commencement exercise. Way to go, guys!!!

    Left to Right: Ben, Dr.H., Xenia
  • Award Season in HEP Lab A: At the Spring 2011 Honors Convocation a number of our students are honored for their academic achievements (April '11):
    • Xenia Fave, Academic Award for Excellence for Women from the American Association of University Women and Florida Tech Distinguished Student Scholar
    • Johanna-Laina Fischer, Outstanding Junior P/SS
    • Ben Locke, Florida Tech Distinguished Student Scholar
    • Bryant Benson, John E. Miller Award for best Graduate Teaching Assistant P/SS
    Dr. Hohlmann receives the annual Faculty Award for Excellence in Research from the Faculty Senate at the same venue.


Right to left: Ben, Johanna-Laina, Xenia, Dr. H.

  • Will Bittner is accepted into the highly competitive IBM Extreme Blue Internship program (May '11). He subsequently accepts full time employment at the IBM Linux Technology Center in Austin, TX.
  • Ben Locke, Will Bittner, and Lenny Grasso win the Northrop-Grumman Science Championship at the annual Florida Tech Science & Engineering showcase and the "Best of Show" award of the College of Science with their presentation (April '11, also for details see our Conferences page).
  • Bryant Benson successfully defends his M.S. thesis (May '11).
  • Marcus Hohlmann, Samir Guragain (Ph.D '10), Himali Kalakhety CMS analysis research featured in Fermilab Today (March '11)
  • Alumna Georgia Karagiorgi (B.S.'04) is quoted in a Physics Today article on results of her Ph.D. thesis at MIT on antineutrino oscillations measured with MiniBooNE at FNAL.
  • DOE-Science (HEP) funds an upgrade of our Tier-3 Grid cluster operations with $30k from the 2009/10 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, aka the "Stimulus" bill (Sep '10).
  • Two-part Campus Research Report article appears in FIT Crimson: Part 1 on Muon Tomography; Part 2 on CMS (Sep '10).
  • Samir Guragain successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis (Sep '10).
  • Marcus Hohlmann talks with Courtland Lewis about the LHC on "American Variety," a radio show broadcast on three NPR stations in central Florida. Air dates: Sunday 5/9 & 9/5, 2010 on WFIT-89.5 FM (Melbourne) and Wednesday 5/12 & 9/8, 2010 on WMFE-90.7 FM (Orlando) and WQCS-88.9 FM (Ft.Pierce). 
    Listen to the webcast (big - 25 MB!) if you missed it on the radio.
  • WIRED.com, the online version of WIRED magazine, covers recent progress with our Muon tomography project with an article in their Wired Science Blog (July 1, 2010). The article also got picked up by the Global Security Newswire a day later.
  • Amilkar Quintero successfully defends his M.S. thesis (June'10).
  • Fourth-year funding from DHS for our Muon Tomography project puts total funding for this project at $1,255,000 (May '10).
  • Muon Tomography data taken with GEM detectors at CERN establishes first proof-of-concept of our method (Apr '10).
  • Our CMS effort receives a funding continuation in the amount of $160,000 from DOE's Office of Science (HEP) for 2009-11.

Former Group  Members (and where they are now)

  • Mike Abercrombie (B.S. '11, Ph.D. '16 in physics at Washington U., St. Louis; now systems engineer at Boeing Space Surveillance Complex, Maui, Hawaii)
  • Afrouz Ataei (M.S. '16)
  • Dr. Gyöngyi Baksay (Ph.D. '05)
  • Will Bittner (B.S. '12, formerly a software developer with IBM in Cambridge, MA)
  • Bryant Benson (M.S. '11, now in Ph.D. program in cosmology at UC Davis)
  • Kim Day (B.S. '14, now an engineer at Google)
  • Robert Damadeo (B.S. '06, now a physicist with NASA contractor SSAI)
  • Dr. Klaus Dehmelt (Ph.D. '06, now a tenure-track Research Scientist at SUNY Stony Brook, NY)
  • Xenia Fave (B.S. '11 scl 4.0, Ph.D. '17 in Medical Physics at U. of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX)
  • Johanna-Laina Fischer (B.S. '12, now a Ph.D. student at U. Penn)
  • Dr. Samir Guragain (Ph.D. '10, now a senior middleware engineer in Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Lenny Grasso (M.S. '12, now a contract administrator at Northrop Grumman; previously a Physics Teacher at Eau Gallie HS)
  • Jennifer Helsby (B.S. '08 scl, Ph.D. in Astrophysics at U. Chicago)
  • Richie Hoch (M.S. '09 in CS, now a software engineer with General Dynamics)
  • Jeremy Janney (B.S. '06, now an officer on Nuclear Submarines in the US Navy)
  • Georgia Karagiorgi (B.S. '04 scl, Ph.D. at MIT with experimental thesis on MiniBooNE at FNAL, now an assistant prof. at Columbia U.)
  • Dr. Himali Kalakhety (Ph.D. '14, now a Physics Instructor at Eastern Florida)
  • Shreeya Khanal (B.S. '14)
  • Nick Leioatts (B.S. '09, Ph.D. '14 U. of Rochester in Biophysics, now post-doc at Max-Planck Institut for Biophysical Chemistry, Goettingen, Germany)
  • J. Ben Locke (B.S. '11 scl 4.0, formerly a software engineer with Harris Corp. in Melbourne)
  • Ankit Mohapatra (B.S. '14, scl 4.0, M.S. '15)
  • Alfred Menendez (B.S. '10)
  • Nathan Mertins (B.S. '12, now a software engineer at B.A. Hamilton in Dayton, OH)
  • Thomas Moschoutis (B.S. '05, formerly M.S. student in Quantum Physics at KTH University in Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Rafael David Pena (B.S. '08, formerly with IT Dept., Intersil Corp.)
  • Jeff Pesula (former Quarknet Physics teacher, Sebastian River High school, now at engineering company in W. Palm Beach)
  • Mike Phipps (B.S. '14, now a Ph.D. student in physics at U. Illinois, Urbana-Ch.)
  • Amilkar Quintero (M.S. '10, Ph.D. '16 at Kent State U. on the STAR experiment at BNL's RHIC; now a post-doc on EIC at Temple U., Philadelphia)
  • Dr. Szabolcs Rembeczki (Ph.D. '09)
  • Marion Ripert (M.S. '05, now a Ph.D. student in Acceler. Physics at Heidelberg U.)
  • Jordan Robertson (M.S. '14, now a sys. admin. at NASA Goddard)
  • Julie Slanker  (B.S. '05 scl, dual M.S. in Physics & Pol. Sci from Texas A&M)
  • Julian Spring (B.S. '06, Ph.D. student in particle physics at Boston U.)
  • Mike Staib (M.S. '12, now a Ph.D. cand. in nuclear physics at Carnegie-Mellon)
  • Arjun Trivedi (B.S. '04 in ECE, now a Ph.D. student in HEP at U. of South Carolina working on LHC experiment)
  • Jessie Twigger (B.S. '14, now an engineer at Northrop-Grumman, Melbourne)
  • Sara Walker (B.S. '05, Ph.D. in Astroparticle Physics at Dartmouth, post-doc at Georgia Tech, now an assistant professor at Arizona State U.)
  • Kimberly Walton (B.S. '14)



Research Student Schedules

Spring 2017

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
8:30 Matthew Matthew Matthew Matthew Matthew    
9:00 Matthew Matthew Matthew Matthew Matthew    
9:30 Matthew Matthew Matthew Matthew Matthew    
10:00 Matthew Matthew Matthew Matthew Matthew    
10:30 Matthew   Matthew   Matthew    
11:00     Sarah, Jerry        
11:30     Sarah, Jerry        
12:00 Kenneth Thomas Kenneth, Jacqui, Sarah, Jerry Jacqui, Thomas Kenneth, Jacqui    
12:30 Group Meeting Thomas, Miguel Kenneth, Jacqui, Sarah, Jerry Jacqui, Sarah, Thomas, Miguel, Jerry Kenneth, Jacqui    
1:00 Group Meeting Thomas, Miguel, Riley Kenneth, Jacqui, Sarah, Jerry Jacqui, Sarah, Thomas, Miguel, Jerry Kenneth, Jacqui, Sarah, Ryan    
1:30 Group Meeting Sarah, Thomas, Miguel, Riley, Jerry Kenneth, Sarah Jacqui, Sarah, Thomas, Miguel, Jerry Kenneth, Sarah, Ryan, Jerry    
2:00 Group Meeting Sarah, Thomas, Eric, Miguel, Riley, Jerry Kenneth, Sarah, Ryan, Riley Jacqui, Sarah, Thomas, Miguel, Jerry Kenneth, Sarah, Ryan, Riley, Jerry    
2:30 Ryan, Hannah, Riley Sarah, Eric, Miguel, Riley, Jerry Ryan, Riley Miguel, Jerry Ryan, Riley, Jerry    
3:00 Ryan, Eric, Hannah, Riley Sarah, Eric, Riley, Jerry Ryan, Riley Jerry Jacqui, Ryan, Eric, Riley, Jerry    
3:30 Ryan, Eric, Hannah Sarah, Eric, Riley Ryan Jerry Jacqui, Eric, Jerry    
4:00 Ryan, Thomas, Eric, Hannah, Miguel Sarah, Eric, Riley Jacqui, Ryan   Jacqui, Eric, Jerry    
4:30 Thomas, Eric, Hannah, Miguel Eric, Riley Jacqui   Eric    
5:00 Thomas, Eric, Hannah, Miguel Eric, Riley Jacqui   Eric    
5:30 Thomas, Hannah, Miguel   Jacqui        
6:00 Thomas, Miguel   Jacqui        

Workflow and Tasks


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