Attending HCI-Aero 2016...

Wednesday 14 September 2016



          DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile)

          50, rue Henry Farman

          75720 Paris

          Tel. +3 1 58 09 43 21


          Conference Auditorium

         08:00-08:30 Welcome and Registrations


          08:30-10:30  HCI-Aero 2016 starts...

          Chair: Bertrand de Courville, Air and Space Academy, France

          08:30-09:30 Introductory addresses

                               Patrick Gandil, Director General of Civil Aviation, France

                               Jean Pinet and Francis Durso, General Co-Chairs of HCI-Aero 2016

          09:30-10:30 Keynote: Thirty years of HCI-Aero:

                                               Evolution from Automation Issues to Tangibility Issues

                                               Dr. Guy André Boy, Dean

                                               School of Human-Centered Design, Innovation and Art

                                               Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)



          10:30-11:00 Break


W      11:00-12:45 Session 1: HCI in the Cockpit


D       Chairs: Amy Pritchett, Georgia Tech, USA, and Andreas Lüdtke, OFFIS, Germany


E       11:00-11:30  The Accident of Flight 447 Rio-Paris: A Case Study for HCI Research

S                            Stéphane Conversy, Stéphane Chatty, Hélène Gaspard-Boulinc,

D                            Jean-Luc Vinot

A                            ENAC, France


          11:30-12:00  A Three-fold Approach towards Increased Assurance Levels for Interactive

                               Systems: A Flight Control Unit Case Study

                               C. Fayollas, J.-C. Fabre, P. Palanque, M. Cronel, D. Navarre, Y. Deleris

                               Airbus Operations, ICS-IRIT, LAAS-CNRS, France


          12:00-12:30  Future Flight Decks: Impact of G-Force on Touchscreen Usability

                               Huseyin Avsar, Joel E. Fischer, Tom Rodden

                               University of Nottingham, UK

          12:30-12:45  Affordant Guidance for In-Flight Loss of Control:

                               The Trajectory Recovery System (TRS)

                               Nicholas Kasdaglis, Tiziano Bernard, Lucas Stephane, Guy A. Boy

                               Florida Institute of Technology, USA


          13:00-14:00 Lunch


          14:00-15:30 Panel 1: Human Factors Certification: The Next Frontier

                               Chair: Ratan Khatwa, Honeywell International, USA

                               Panelists:  Charles Denis, EASA, Germany

                                                Marc Julie, Dassault Aviation, France

                                                Gernot Konrad, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, USA

                                                Florence Reuzeau, Airbus, France

                                                Victor Riley, Boeing, USA

                                                Gerard Temme, EASA Consultant


          15:30-16:00 Break and Poster Session


W      16:00-17:30 Session 2: Eye Tracking


D       Chairs: Lena Mårtensson, KTH, Sweden, and André Vernay, DGAC, France


E       16:00-16:30  To Look and (Not) See: Predicting the Detection of Automation Failures

S                            Based on the Eye Movements of Human Operators

D                            Carmen Bruder, Paul Weber, Catrin Hasse

A                            German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany


          16:30-17:00  Exploratory Study with Eye Tracking Devices to Build Interactive Systems

                               for Air Traffic Controllers

                               Michael Traouré, Christophe Hurter

                               LII-ENAC, France

          17:00-17:30  Pilot Flying vs. Pilot Monitoring During the Approach Phase:

                               an Eye–Tracking Study

                               Maxime Raynal, Yvanne Colineaux, André Vernay, Frédéric Dehais

                               ISAE-SUPAERO and DGAC, France


          18:00-20:00 Reception at the DGAC

Thursday 15 September 2016

          Location: DGAC Conference Auditorium


          Chair: Francis T. (Frank) Durso, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

          08:30-09:30 Keynote: Towards 21st Century Disciplines:

                                               Systems Engineering and Human-Centered Design

                                               Alan Harding, President

                                               International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)


  1. -

T        09:30-11:00 Session 3: Tangible Interactive Systems


U       Chairs:  Santosh Mathan, Honeywell, USA, and Stéphane Chatty, ENAC, France


S        09:30-10:00  Could tangibility improve the safety of touch-based Interaction?

D                             Exploring a new Physical Design Space for Pilot-System Interfaces

A                             Jean-Luc Vinot, Catherine Letondal, Sylvain Pauchet, Stéphane Chatty

Y                             ENAC, France

          10:00-10:15  Onboard Weather Situation Awareness System:

                               A Human-Systems Integration Approach

                               Sebastien Boulnois, G.A. Boy

                               Florida Institute of Technology, USA

          10:15-10:30  The Acceptance of Different Perspectives

                               in a Synthetic Vision Navigation Display

                               Daniela Schmid, Ralf Graf

                               German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany

          10:30-11:00  The Aircraft of the Future: Towards the Tangible Cockpit

                               Juan Angel Lorenzo del Castillo, Nadine Couture

                               ESTIA, France


          11:00-11:30 Break and Poster Session


T        11:30-13:00 Session 4: Procedures and Operations Design


U       Chairs:  Neville Staton, University of Southampton, UK

R                    Jean-Jacques Speyer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium


D       11:30-12:00  Iterative Designs of Onboard Context-Sensitive Information System (OCSIS)

A                             Wei Tan, G.A. Boy

Y                             Florida Institute of Technology, USA

          12:00-12:30  A Systems Engineering Method for Analysis and Simulation

                               of Standard Operating Procedures

                               Houda Kerkoub Kourdali, Lance Sherry

                               George Mason University, USA

          12:30-11:00  Designing Touch-Enabled Electronic Flight Bags

                               in SAR Helicopter Operations

                               Huseyin Avsar, Joel E. Fisher, Tom Rodden

                               University of Nottingham, UK


          13:00-14:00 Lunch


          14:00-15:30 Panel 2: Human-Systems Integration

                               Chair:  Francis T. (Frank) Durso, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

                               Panelists:  Deborah Boehm-Davis, George Mason University, USA

                                                 Brigitte Daniel-Allegro, System Thinking Expert, France

                                                 Dennis J. Folds, Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA

                                                 Patrick Millot, University of Valenciennes, France

                                                 Nita L. Shattuck, Naval Postgraduate School, USA


          15:30-16:00 Break and Poster Session


T        16:00-17:30 Session 5: Human Factors


U       Chairs:  Kathryn Bleckley, FAA, USA, and Wen-Chin Li, Cranfield University, UK


S        16:00-16:30 The Evaluation of Pilot’s Attention Distributions on the Flight Deck

D                             Wen-Chin Li, Graham Braithwaite, Matthew Greaves,

A                             Chen-Kai Hsu, Shu-Chiang Lin

Y                             Cranfield University, UK and Taiwan University of Technology, ROC

          16:30-17:00  Cognitive Workload Classification using Eye-tracking and EEG Data

                               Jesus L. Lobo, Javier Del Ser, Flavia De Simone, Roberta Presta,

                               Simona Collina, Zdenek Moravek

                               TECNALIA, Spain and Suor Orsola Benincasa University, Italy

                               and Honeywell, Czech Republic


          20:00-22:00 Banquet Dinner at the Novotel Tour Eiffel

                              Guest Speaker: To be announced

Friday 16 September 2016

          Location: DGAC Conference Auditorium


         Chair: Jean Pinet, Air and Space Academy, France

         08:30-09:30 Keynote:  The Power of Public Private Partnerships

  1. -                                             FAA Centers of Excellence

  2. -                                             Dr. Patricia Watts, Director and Fiscal Officer

  3. -                                             Air Transportation Centers of Excellence Program

  4. -                                             Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


F        09:30-10:30 Session 6: Cyber Physical Systems


I         Chairs:  Dirk Schaefer, EUROCONTROL, Belgium & Stéphane Conversy, ENAC, France


A        09:30-10:00  Initial Impact of Modern Taxiing Techniques on Airport Ground Control

Y                            Zarrin Chua, Mathieu Cousy, Mickaël Causse, François Lancelot

                               ISAE-SUPAERO, ENAC and Airbus Group, France

          10:00-10:15  Extending MBSE Methodology and SysML Formalism

                               to Integrate Human Considerations

                               Camille Raymond, Daniel Prun

                               ALTRAN and ENAC, France

          10:15-10:30  Establishing Trust in Remotely Reprogrammable Systems

                               Thomas Gurriet, Mark L. Mote, Aaron Amesz, Eric Feron

                               Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


          10:30-11:00 Break and Poster Session


F        11:00-13:00 Session 7: Industry


I         Chair:  Florence Reuzeau, Airbus, France and Denis Javaux, Consultant, Belgium


A        11:00-11:30  Human Factors Approach in DCNS Naval Ships Process

Y                             Chantal Maïs

                               DCNS Research, France

          11:30-12:00  Beyond the Push-Button: A study on System Management Operations

                               in the Flight Deck

                               Daniel Dreyer, Matthias Oberhouser

                               Airbus Group Innovation, Germany

          12:00-12:30  Improve Safety by Understanding the Interaction

                               Between Pilot and Operational Context

                               Jean Gabriel Charrier and Nicolas Stephane


          12:30-13:00  From HCI to HSI – The Journey in a Fast-Jet Cockpit

                               Nikolaos Gkikas, Paul Chesham, David Partridge, Edward Ridge

                               Eurofighter Typhoon Cockpit Group & Human Factors Shared Services, UK


          13:00-14:00 Lunch


F        14:00-15:00 Session 8: Function Allocation


I         Chairs:  Bernd Korn, DLR, Germany, and Wei Tan, FIT, USA


A        14:00-14:30  Modeling the Monitoring Inherent Within Aviation Function Allocations

Y                             Amy R. Pritchett, Raunak P. Bhattacharyya

                               Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

          14:30-14:45  Modeling Distributed Crewing with STAMP

                               Kirsten Revell, Craig Allison, Neville Stanton, Rod Sears

                               University of Southampton and Coventry University, UK


          14:45-15:00  A User-Centred Approach to Complexity: Toward Development of a Method

                               to Support Simplex Systems Design

                               Viviane Perret, Cédric Bach, Guillaume Calvet, Aline Chevalier

                               University of Toulouse and Bertin Technologies, France


          15:00-16:00 Wrap-up and Announcement of HCI-Aero 2018

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